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Search Engine Marketing & Optimisation

When it comes to Search Engine Marketing we have a great track record. Our customers all enjoy extremely impressive rankings with most at the number one position for their company name and selected key phrases. Getting results means increased exposure, more traffic and ultimately equates to sales & increased profit.

Drive traffic your website and increase sales!

We use the latest methods & techniques to get you top results with all the search engines. We focus our attention primarily on results with Google, Yahoo and Bing as a benchmark while ensuring all other search engines are supported.

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Top results for all our customers!

When optimising websites for customers, it is of primary importance to ensure they achieve top ranking for their business name. Other keywords remain important to the campaign, but getting the top result for your actual business name is critical. We have achieved absolute success with all our customers.

Google Search Engine Results
Rank Customer Website Google Search (click on link to view results)
1st Hoisting Equipment Specialists
1st The Realm
1st Ettingshausens Dynamic Arts
1st Ranger Industrial Supplies
2nd OzBlok Lifting
1st Engadine Tavern
1st Marbec Interiors
1st Allure Bridal Cars
1st Graeme Brown
1st Simply Office Furniture
1st ByteCan
1st Graeme Brown