What is the importance of good design?

With an industry saturated with students, Dreamweaver users, graphic designers and self taught individuals it can be hard to distinguish professional development groups from the rest. Good layout and aesthetics is usually handled by the graphic designers but good design on the web means so much more.

  • Search Engine Friendly

    Making sure your website works for you and gains maximum exposure is essential for any online business. Many amateur web designers do not have the skill set for advanced layout management using Cascading Stylesheets (CSS). Thus their HTML code is cluttered with redundancies and laid out using tables which makes it very difficult for search engines to interpret. We use Strict XHTML and CSS for all formatting to ensure your website is completely search engine friendly.
  • Table-less Design, Liquid Layouts and CSS

    It is well known in the web development industry that tables should never be used for layout. It makes it difficult to change layout in the future and hard for search engines to interpret. Tables should only be used for tabular information like financial information and cost summaries. Liquid layouts implemented using CSS allow your website to effectively handle dynamic content and provide enhanced ability for your development team to make quick, easy changes to the layout which would otherwise be extremely difficult with a fixed or table based layout. Poor design can often be indicated by fixed dimension layouts that when content exceeds a certain capacity, it will overflow outside the layout. We strictly use the flow, liquid layouts with all our design as well as the latest techniques to ensure your website has full extensibility and will cost you less when changes are required.
  • Good Branding & Color Use

    A well designed website will make strong, effective use of your branding. The use of colors should work to inspire and invoke emotion consistent with the branding, industry and demographic of your customers. It is very common for customers to place a low priority, interest in the design process. We always remind them your competitors are only a single-click away and your online customers will often associate poor design with a poor company. Research suggests that websites with poor design & content as well as lack of effective branding have lower rates of repeat customers.
  • Browser Compatibility

    It is quintessential that your website can viewed in any browser on any platform (including PC and MAC). Poor designers will create a website that can be viewed perfectly in the browser they were developing for, say IE7, but once opened in the standards based browsers like Firefox, Safari and the new Google Chrome, they disintegrate into pieces - a very poor refection on the company. We provide standards based design that is thoroughly tested in all browsers to ensure you gain maximum exposure and return on your investment.
  • Get In Touch | Request A Quote

    Your website design should work hard to generate leads. It is ultimately what you made your investment for. So it is very important to provide immediate facilities for customers to get in touch with you directly by email using the website. We provide email forms with all our websites and have the email sent out with full branding including company logo, contact details and most importantly the customers message.
  • Google Analytics & Marketing

    A well designed website will provide statistics for the client to allow them to see how their investment is working for them. We use Google Analytics http://www.google.com/analytics to provide our customers with a variety of metrics including number of visitors, geographic locations of visitors, pages visited and much more. We also ensure a monthly summary report is sent directly to the website administrator.

If your still reading, wow, what a handful! As you can see true, high quality design is much more than just making a website look pretty. Good design must work to maximise your exposure and online marketing as well as help to increase customer leads and ultimately profits.




Do you want to generate more customer leads?

"If you are looking to generate more customer leads - we can help you! Many customers we have worked with have been unaware initially of the many new and exciting advertising opportunities on the Internet today."

If you are looking to generate more customer leads - we can help you!

Many customers we have worked with have been unaware initially of the many new and exciting advertising opportunities on the Internet today. Research suggest that most companies are beginning to take online advertising a lot more seriously and are moving their advertising to the Internet.

We strongly recommend beginning your online marketing strategy by listing your business with the main social networking websites. By advertising your business and promoting discussion as well as providing links to your website, these can all significantly enhance your corporate visibility and begin increasing leads:


For the older generation, with little aptitude for this type of networking, we recommend leveraging your younger employees and dedicating a solid amount of time (e.g. 4 Hours min) a week to maintaining these presences.

For our Australian customers, we recommend considering listing with the following business directories:

1. Paid Listings

The following directories have fees associated them:


2. Free Listings

Free listings that will increase your exposure:


We specialise in providing Online Marketing services to our customers. We can help you increase your ranking with Search Engines as well as completely overhaul and enhance your online marketing strategy. We have delivered results for our customers, so if your looking to generate more leads, please don't hesitate in contact us. Even if you just have an inquiry, we are always happy to help.